31 October 2009

The Marco’s Rundown

OK—now that I’m back from getting my hair cut and colored and braving the Saturday crowds at Stehlin’s Meat Market and Jungle Jim’s, let me fill you in on my foray to Marco’s yesterday. Like every other visit I’ve made to Marco’s, this one was a treasure hunt. As anyone who has been there knows, there are goodies jammed into every possible space! I initially went looking for blog candy, but that was an earlier post!
As soon as I got in the door, I picked up the latest issues of a bunch of stamping magazines. I don’t know why I get sucked into that—I usually thumb through them once and that’s it. Oh well. I headed towards the area where the snowflake dies would be, but got distracted on the way by a whole end cap of Tim Holtz products. It seems like most places carry a handful of idea-ology items, but not as many as Marco’s. The Foliage was calling my name—I’ve wanted some for awhile, but hadn’t been able to find it. I also picked up a pack of plain, uncut grungeboard. OK—enough Tim Holtz stuff. Let’s get on to the dies! So, I headed in that direction, but got waylaid by a whole display of embossing folders. Hmmm… haven’t seen the fleur-de-lis one before, so into my basket it went! There were others that were new to me, but I resisted. Now—off to the dies. I finally made it there, and found the Create A Flake 1 for the blog. Of course, I couldn’t give it away and not get one for myself, so into the basket two Create a Flakes went! As I was digging through the packages of dies, I found Labels Six nesties. I have Labels One through Four and want to get the rest of the labels, so this one jumped into my basket. After all, they were on sale for $19.99! I moseyed over to my favorite corner where the green grocer products are. I LOVE the brown bag paper envelopes. I have square ones, but decided to pick up some #10 size, too. I poked around a little more and ended up with some JudiKins detail black embossing powder, a huge jar of UTEE (35% off!), and a package of Ten Seconds Studio Humungo Killer Tape, and decided it was time to get the heck out of there! We won’t discuss the painful grand total. Oh well. Guess I’d better get busy using this stuff, though!
The other thing for those of you who have been to Marco’s either in Dayton or to their booth at a convention—you probably know Karen and know that she recently had a stroke. Well, I’m happy to report that she checked me out and is doing fine!
OK—I’m off to do some cookin’ before I turn out all the lights this evening and watch scary movies! Have a Happy Halloween and be sure to leave a comment!!!!