21 January 2010

Monkey and a cupcake…

Well, I finished the card for my nephew and as promised, it’s a sock monkey card! I’m sure my card making buddies will tease me about it, since I included a cupcake! As you have certainly realized by now, cupcakes are a trend and have been for awhile. Let me just say that I don’t like cupcake stamps!!! They’re too darned cutesy. Well, my friends threaten to get me cupcake stamps, they made a cupcake card for my birthday—they tease me about cupcakes whenever they can. So, gals (and you know who you are!) this cupcake is for you!!!!!


I had some fun sewing beads on this card—that’s a first for me. If you’ve ever visited Mel McCarthy’s blog, you know that she does this pretty often and I love the added touch, so I decided to try. Let me know what you think! 

I hope to do some more Valentines this weekend, so please come back and visit!!!