07 January 2010

Snow day…

Well. Those of you who live in the Cincinnati area know it’s been snowing non-stop all day. I took the weather forecast as an excuse for a vacation day. I was going to work from home but nothing came up, so instead of working I played!!!!

Have you played with any of the stamps from Artistic Outpost? I’ve admired these stamps forever, and finally ordered a couple of sets awhile back. I work with engineers every day, so the Geek is Chic set has always appealed to me. What a better set to use for a special Valentine? (Yes, I’m still making them!)
I wanted to do another hanging—this one incorporates lots of grunge paper flowers and Tim Holtz Idea-ology tidbits. I’m pleased with how it turned out! Here’s the front:

The Idea-ology Muse Token didn’t quite make it into the photo (the thing hanging down in the lower right corner). It says, “Knowledge.” Of course, the Einstein stamp is from the Artistic Outpost set.

Here’s the “secret message” on the back, also from the Artistic Outpost set:

Hope you like it! The whole hanging was inspired by Wendy Vecchi’s work, and uses several of her stamps.

Looks like the snow is beginning to taper off—guess I should go shovel…….     1-2-3-4-5…..   OK, that urge has passed!!

I hope something I’ve shared here today inspires you to go make some Valentines. If not, check back this weekend—I should have one or two more!!!

Stay safe!