25 March 2010

Guess who?

Just like Santa and the Easter Bunny, I do exist!! Wow—when was the last time I posted? To be perfectly honest, my mojo has flown the coop! I just haven’t felt at all crafty or creative. Do you ever have those periods? I even took a creativity workshop at the local art academy last week, and it didn’t help. I did make a card last night that I’m going to share with you—I hope you like it:


Love these stamps from Oxford Impressions! You know, I haven’t even kept up with my daily blog reading—that’s how bad it’s been. So if you’ve missed comments from me, I apologize!!! I did take a quick look at Roni’s blog, Ink Stains, this afternoon, and I may have to step up to her mini-album challenge. Check out the poem here.

I hope to get myself motivated soon. Until then, if you see my mojo will you tell it to get the hell home?????