19 April 2010

Background, please…

Just a real quick post. I didn’t get the fourth spread done for Roni’s mini album challenge, but I did get the glue distressed background paper done. What a very cool (and easy!) technique!! I can imagine lots of possibilities with this one! I didn’t have the Aleene’s Super Thick glue, so I substituted Mod Podge. Seemed to work fine—at least I’m happy with the results!!! In looking at Roni’s example, I should have smeared the Mod Podge around a little more, but I think this looks fine. This 12 x 12 piece of cardstock will look even better when I cut it up for the album background. What do you think?

glue background  

OK—now I need to vent. This is info I should probably be too embarrassed to share, but you’re all friends. When I got home from work today, there was a pickup truck sitting in my driveway. They backed out when I turned on my signal to turn in. I got the car in the garage and they were still sitting in the street. The woman rolled down her window and said she wanted to ask me a question. They are interested in moving into the neighborhood and wanted to know if my house was under foreclosure!!!!!! THE NERVE!!!!!!!  Anyway, guess that was the kick in the pants I needed—the lawn mower is hooked up to the battery charger right now so I can get it started tomorrow night and get the darned grass mowed. But a foreclosure???? I’m still fuming. I’m sure there are plenty of you single gals out there who know how hard it is to keep up with the outside of the house, the inside of the house, and a full time job. That leaves no time for crafting, and a girl has to have her priorities!!!!! Obviously, mine hasn’t been the grass!!! So—the mini album spread will have to wait—I need to mow the grass tomorrow night!!