15 April 2010

GC47 challenge…

Well—I think the mojo has come back to roost for awhile! I really wanted to do something fun for the Gingersnap Copper, Ginger, or Rust color challenge. I’m going to get kind of mushy here, and say….

I love Gingersnap Creations!!!

I’ve really enjoyed their blog ever since I found it, and appreciate the fun, low-key challenges that have lured me into the whole challenge world. Thanks, GC—you’re wonderful!!!

OK—end of mushy. Now onto the challenge creation. Let me start by reminding you that I love weird, funny, suggestive, and totally off-the-wall sayings. I refer to these as “rubber stamp wisdom.” Well, I saw this stamp online awhile ago, and the double entendre possibilities really tickled me. (Yes, what you’ve heard is true—my mind is never too far from the gutter!) I’m hoping it tickles the Founding Femmes, too.


I bet when Tim Holtz created this “Dream” ticket this isn’t exactly what he had in mind! It did get me to thinking, though. As I was looking through all the tickets, word sticks, and other assorted “word” paraphernalia, I wondered if Tim will ever come out with some tags or tickets that say things like, “Snicker,” or “Ticked” or anything really meaningful like that. I would have loved a “Frustrated” ticket for this little hangy thing! LOL!!!

I also want to apologize for the photo of this one. I had no idea how to display it so the fringe would dangle, so it’s hanging from my paper towel holder that is sitting on top of a roll of packing tape. Oh well, at least the fringe dangles. And speaking of that fringe—isn’t it fab??? I picked it up at Tuesday Morning for cheap!!

So—I hope to get some more playing in this weekend. I have two plays to go to, though—my 10 year old niece is in her school’s production of Sound of Music, and my 15 year old niece is in her school’s production of Meet Me in St. Louis.

So—Happy Anniversary, GC—looking forward to the next year of fun challenges!!!