13 April 2010

The more I do….

…the behinder I get!!! Sound familiar? I’m still two spreads behind in Roni Johnson’s BFF album challenge over on Ink Stains. These little album thingys are hard to do!!! Like I said, this is my first attempt at one of these and my first time using collage images. So far—not sure I’m too successful!!!

First, I want to thank Roni—she posted a picture of my first spread on her blog today. YAY!!! Thanks, hun!

After looking at that first spread, something seemed missing so I added another image—here’s the modified page:

BFF_album d

Not a huge change—just added the cowgirl on the bucking bronco.

I also finished the second spread. Loved the technique Roni used on the second spread, and I changed very little. I was worried about the brown chipboard showing through, so I covered the spread with some pages ripped out of an old book before creating the paint/reinker background. Before I show you the spread, let me warn you about this—I wanted the cowgirl to look like she was turning blue, so I smeared some blue Stickles on her face. She looks more like she has a case of chicken pox!! Oh well. So, here is spread number two:

DSCN2039 And here are the individual pages:



I think these need more embellishments, but have no idea what to use. I made the yo-yo flowers with pages from the same old paperback, and the centers are some cool buffalo buttons I found awhile back. There just isn’t much “umph” to any of these pages so far, is there? Go ahead—you won’t hurt my feelings if you say so! I have a strange feeling I’m going to be fiddling with this little book long after it’s “done!”

Now, I have a challenge for you—why don’t you go over to Roni’s blog and play along!! I would love to see what you do with the challenge!!!

I hope to get caught up before the next spread’s challenge is posted next Tuesday. So—off to play. Leave a comment and let me know what this danged thing needs, OK???